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Hi, my name is Nate Johnson and I’m a marketing automation specialist at I’ve put together this blog to share some of my tips on strategy, best practices, and implementation in the marketing automation realm. Additionally it’s a great place to test out the awesome tools the team at LeadPages is cranking out every day!

Over time I plan on putting together some guides, reviews, and giving some expert advice. (Got a question? Ask it here)

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Tools In My Automation Toolbox

Since my humble beginnings coding my own automated systems that interacted with our archaic CRM system (previous job) I have worked with many platforms including Hubspot, Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, Shopify, LeadPages, Mailchimp, and many more. I feel many of these tools have specific uses and many tips and tricks I’m excited to share.

Look for specific uses, strengths and weaknesses on the blog.


I am a strong proponent of constant and never ending improvement. In fact I think it is absolutely crucial for any marketing automation specialist to be! Holding fast to this my preferred implementation looks a bit like this:

  1. Understand company goals and order them most important to least
  2. Create a strategy based upon these goals
  3. Create a list of tasks or automation campaigns indicating upside potential and ease of implementation
  4. Start with the low hanging fruit and work towards harder pieces
  5. Constantly monitor
  6. Adjust and improve

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Best Practices

Every campaign has with it a chance it is going to fail. That’s just the way of the universe, but after setting up enough of them you learn there are certain pitfalls to avoid. Additionally there are tips and tricks you can use to boost your results. I’ve put together 10 best practices I’ve learned and live by throughout my career as an marketing automation specialist.

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Why Automate Your Marketing?