5 Social Media Marketing Objectives That Are Critical To Your Success

September 28, 2015

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When you are sitting in your cubicle planning your eventual exodus from your 9-5 the thought process goes a little bit like this:

  1. I’m so sick of this job, there is more in store for me in this life…
  2. What am I going to do to make _______ per month?!?!
  3. That’s It! I’ve Got My Idea!!!
  4. How Do I Find People?
  5. SEO sounds like a pain in the ___!
  6. I don’t want to spend money on my idea through paid traffic…
  7. I’ll get people on Facebook and Twitter!
  8. World domination

Just look at the stats, with over 2 billion users on social media in 2015 it makes sense that social seems like where you should focus your time. [Stat: WeAreSocial.net]


The problem with just going out and posting things on social media for the sake of posting is that you are simply competing with 3 billion other strangers for attention. Sadly this is what most would be entrepreneurs and small businesses do. Apply traditional marketing logic of interruptive advertising to a non traditional medium.

Working in this fashion is a recipe for exhaustion, frustration, and non scaleable results. Sure you might get a few wins, but over the long haul you are gathering kindling, not logs for your fire.

4 BS Social Media Metrics You Should Ignore

This may come as jarring to most people because it is pretty counter intuitive, but in 90% of cases the following four metrics matter MUCH LESS than you really think they do. In fact I’d advise you to just ditch them, especially if you are just starting out.

  1. Number Of Posts You Make
  2. Frequency Of Your Posting
  3. Time Of Day You Are Posting
  4. Number Of Followers

Measuring any of them is a waste of your time because they don’t significantly contribute to your bottom line and distract you from what matters. That being said if you don’t believe me, hop on over to fiverr and grab yourself 9,000 twitter followers for $5 and then let’s get back to what does matter. 🙂

5 Social Media Marketing Objectives That Actually Matter To Your Business

If you want to set social media marketing objectives that actually contribute to your bottom line and grow your business here they are:

1. People Who Mention You To Their Followers

In almost all social media platforms people can post or mention your content or your website to their followers. Does this mean that all 1,000 of their followers will see or even click it?

Micheal Scott - NOOOOOOOO Animated Gif


Of course not. Looking at people’s sheer number of followers is a fool’s errand. What we care about is their true fans. Whether they are friends, family, coworkers, or close friends. These are the people who will take this mention as a referral. For this reason alone you want to start creating content worth mentioning… Truly epic content.

Here is a tool to monitor mentions of you and your brand easily: Visit Mention Website

2. Traffic From Social

The second objective for your social media campaigns that really matters is traffic to your site. You can post a thousand tweets on Twitter but if no one is going to your site because of it you’ve successfully wasted your time.

When you start really tracking this metric you will undoubtedly start trying different tactics with your content, or focus on something else entirely.

3. Leads From Social

If you are using a modern marketing platform like Active Campaign or Hubspot to name two, you can easily see how many leads or opt ins were generated from you social media traffic. Leads or opt-ins are the lifeblood of a business and as such should be measured and monitored like a hawk.

Contrary to what a lot of marketing consultants will tell you leads aren’t generated by being in a million places. (This helps them justify hours and fees) Leads are generated by finding a channel and a technique that work and going deep with it.

“Don’t dig a hundred shallow holes looking for water, dig one deep hole and create a well.”

4. Purchased From Social

While traffic makes you feel good and leads give you hope… Purchases actually put the food on your table. Make sure that you are measuring how many purchases came from your social media traffic. When you start seeing these numbers it might make you happy that you are spending more time on revenue generating activities. 😉

5. Social Reviews

My final and favorite objective is social reviews. Reviews on social platforms carry with them a lot more credibility than anything you could ever post on your own site because it’s completely out of your control. The hierarchy of content and credibility goes a bit like this:

  • Least Credible: You posting something on your own site
  • You posting something on a public site (facebook, g+, etc)
  • Someone else posting something on their site about you
  • Most Credible: Someone else posting something on a public site about you (google business)

My favorite review site to push out of the gate is google business for the simple fact that these reviews show up in google searches, especially local searches!

Social media marketing objective number 5 - social reviews

As you can imagine this can play a huge factor in which restaurant (in the example above) the searcher chooses.

How To Put This Info To Good Use

The trend here is results and amplification of your message, not how many posts you make or how many followers you have. Once you have other people doing the work of spreading your message for you, you have truly arrived.

Knowledge is only potential, it really isn’t worth anything until actually applied. Because of this I challenge you to use this info… Start applying it in your business today.

If you have someone working on social media for you, insist they start traffic the 5 metrics that matter.
If you are doing it yourself think about what type of activity can move the needle the most where it matters.

Without focus social media will cost you hours and pay you nothing in return. At the end of the day it is just a tool and needs to be used properly to achieve your business objectives.

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