7 Expert Lead Nurturing Email Examples That Crush It

August 31, 2015

7 Expert Lead Nurturing Email Examples That Crush It Article Lead Image

Does your business get leads that don’t turn into sales? Heck, they don’t even get the chance because they don’t talk to you? Their journey looks a little something like Visit Site -> Fill Out Form -> Who the F*#$ Knows… THE END

99% of the time you lost them by not correctly nurturing the lead while you slow walked them to a sale. Once you nail your nurturing process you can look forward to:

  • Dramatically increased revenue
  • Decreased churn (lost contacts and inactive contacts)
  • Predictable, scalable revenue
  • Why I Chose These Lead Nurturing Email Examples

To jumpstart your success I dug into the follow up campaigns of some of the most successful leaders in online marketing. While best practices are great I think there is great value in the “show me, don’t tell me” addage… But I didn’t want to just chose any emails. Here are the criteria I used to chose these examples.

  1. The sender obsesses over the metrics (this is not version 1.0… it has been tested)
  2. The sender is selling a product (they have a goal in mind)
  3. The sender is an industry leader
  4. The sender is not me (You’ll have to sign up for my mailing list to get my emails!) (# to the sign up form?)

With each example I will provide my synopsis on why I think it is effective, who the sender is, and if I can tell which platform they are using for their sending. I will link the first instance of these but not every one so it isn’t incredibly redundant.

1. Brendon Burchard: “6 Questions For You”

The first example of great email lead nurturing is from Brendon Burchard and his Experts Academy. He uses Infusionsoft for his email marketing. A few highlights from this email:

  • Opens a curiosity loop: “6 questions for you” but you need to click to find out what they are.
  • One single call to action: Not only is it focused but it is easy to track it’s effectiveness.
  • The Video Thumbnail: In the video thumb I can tell there is an easy formula for success… if I only click the thumbnail to go to his website.

6 questions lead nurturing email example from Brendon Burchard

2. Tony Robbins: “The Secret To Breakthrough Leadership”

This email is from Tony Robbins for his Leadership Academy. As opposed to Brendon Burchard he is using a more visual email template that was probably modified based on a default email template. A few highlights:

  • One Single Goal: Again, this entire email is focused on one goal.
  • Video Thumbnail: This hints at more value that is easier to digest (video)
  • Curiosity Loop: This email only tells you half the story, you need to click for the rest.

As a note I would add a text CTA link in the body of the email, not sure why they left this out.

Tony Robbins Leadership Academy Lead Nurturing Email Example

3. Derek Halpern: “Write Better Sales Copy With This ONE Tip”

My next example comes from Derek Halpern at SocialTriggers.com. He definitely plays a little looser with his copywriting talking how people speak (using all caps words and sentences) but I can assure you it has been tested and is highly effective. His emails are sent via MaroPost. A few highlights from this email:

  • Opens a curiosity loop: (Illustrates his friends huge sales copy mistake, but you have to click to find out what it is)
  • Video Thumbnail: This isn’t as apparent as in other examples since there is no play button on it. (-1 point Derek.)
  • One Single Goal: There is only one point to this email, and one text link / one image link you can click on.
  • Bonus: Bonus points for Derek here because he asks for an actual reply. Many savvy marketers will do this to increase their deliver-ability as part of an email hygiene plan but only in the first email. Derek does it later in the sequence.

Derek Halpern Email Swipe Copy - Write Better Sales Copy With This One Tip

4. Ryan Deiss: “23 Bizarre Products Selling Online”

Ryan Deiss is one of the pioneers of kicking a$$ on the internet. Anything he does is likely tested, following best practices, and making him some cash. Because of that it is only fitting to include him in this list. If you want to go deep on his strategy I recommend his book, “Invisible Selling Machine“. I could only read a few pages each night and they had to let my mind cool down. One of the most highly actionable, inspiring digital marketing books out there!

With this email Ryan proves he has evolved from the “sleazy internet marketer” feel of the short all text conversational emails sprinkled with ALL CAPS. Here are a few highlights on this lead nurturing email example:

  • Opens A Curiosity Loop: From the subject line you are left wanting to find out what the 23 products are.
  • One Single Goal: Each link (short of the T&C ad) go to the same post.
  • Modern Graphics: If you are going to use graphics in your emails make sure they are tasteful. If you don’t have resources to make great graphics it is best to leave them out.


5. Frank Kern: “You Need To See This”

Frank Kern, Internet Marketer with his PorscheMy next nurturing examples comes by way of Frank Kern via Infusionsoft. Now the pendulum is swinging all the way over to the land of internet marketer-ey dudes with pictures of Ferrari’s (or a Porsche in Frank’s case). As silly as it may seem the guy is good and we could all learn a bit from his ways. That being said I do have to poke fun at the fact that the bulk of this email is in the P.S. 😉

What works in the land of Lamborghini’s?

  • Opens A Curiosity Loop: “You need to see this”, “Check this out”, “Look at this”. In fact the whole email is shrouded in mystery.
  • Single Goal: All links lead to a single goal.


6. Ryan Levesque: “Testing Your Sales Page? Do This First.”

Next up is Ryan Levesque. Ryan is certainly a fan of Frank Kern and is gunning for a Lamborghini… at least one would gather that from the style of the email. That being said he is new on my radar and I have been nothing but impressed as I am reading through his book “Ask“. I first heard Ryan on an episode of the ConversionCast you can check out here.

  • Opens A Curiosity Loop: The email revolves around a quick tip that will get you better results, but of course you have to click to find out.
  • Offers A Quick Win: People love quick wins, that is why a resource guide will out convert a e-book. The note about the audio for this tip being (3.5 minutes) sets the expectations that you don’t have to clear your calendar for the remainder of the day.
  • Conversational: I think it is worth noting that most of these emails are very conversational. Personally I have had much greater success with a conversational email vs. a Corporate tone.

Ryan Levesque nurturing email example

7. Ramit Sethi: “Lol, thanks for the advice”

My final master of email marketing is Ramit Sethi. Ramit cranks out fresh, grade A content for his IWT brand. (I highly recommend his book) that all relates to his core line of products. He also takes a different angle on his nurturing emails, one I wouldn’t recommend for a novice as it is considerably harder.

Ramit’s emails are longer form, conversational advice from the master. Typically hinging around a life of plenty, and referencing other people as examples. He also sends via MaroPost  like Derek. Here’s a few of the many things Ramit does right:

  • Show Don’t Tell: There is an old addage of sell the hole, not the drill. Ramit’s email is full of examples of how his product helped average every day people
  • Positioning: He is one of the best I have seen at positioning himself as the expert.
  • Give The Reader Value: The single purpose of the email is to have you sign up for the free mini class.

Ramit Sethi email campaign example

How To Use This Swipe Copy Effectively To Grow Your Business

If you want to take these lead nurturing email examples and apply them in your business it’s not as simple as copy and paste. Not only is that morally wrong, but it won’t work. While they are incredibly valuable and will allow you to leapfrog forward you will need to consider a few things when you use them:

  1. What is the basic template being used and how can I apply that to my business. (Don’t rip it off word for word) It’s not only tasteless but it won’t work.
  2. Don’t assume they will work, make sure you are testing against your current emails and variations of the email.
  3. Consider where you are going to use these in your sequence. Is it email 1, or email 10?
  4. Consider the authors voice… Some of them are outspoken experts, others are helpful fellow travelers. Does this author match your voice?
  5. Always use great email hygiene. Your list is worthless if no one receives your emails.

Don’t Stop Here!

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