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3 Simple Email Segmentation Strategies You Can Use Today

Tired of mediocre results with your email campaigns? Wish you had a crystal ball and knew exactly what would trigger your list to purchase? The answer is right under your nose! Today I am going to show you how to

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7 steps to a high converting email drip campaign (article)

7 Steps To A High Converting Email Drip Campaign

The promise of the internet has always been a business that reaches a lot of people cheaply, and makes money while you sleep. Many a business owner will refer to their website as an employee that works 24/7, never complains,

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7 Expert Lead Nurturing Email Examples That Crush It Article Lead Image

7 Expert Lead Nurturing Email Examples That Crush It

Does your business get leads that don’t turn into sales? Heck, they don’t even get the chance because they don’t talk to you? Their journey looks a little something like Visit Site -> Fill Out Form -> Who the F*#$

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15 free email list hygiene tips for small business

15 Free Email List Hygiene Tips For Small Business

Nothing gets me more excited than finding low hanging, actionable marketing fruit for small businesses to capitalize on. Whether we’re talking about a unique automation campaign, or a tool that saves tons of time and boosts conversions ala Leadpages. 😉

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5 powerful email list management tricks for small businesses

5 Powerful Email List Management Tricks For Small Business

As a small business you likely don’t have a full fledged marketing ops department handling your marketing communications and email list management. Nope! Most likely that lovely job falls on your shoulders, or if you’re lucky you’ve got a guy.

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Article: 5 Lead Nurturing Best Practices From The Pros

5 Lead Nurturing Best Practices From The Pros

As with everything in life there is more than one way to do just about everything. That being said, it isn’t always a great idea to do so. A personal favorite example of this is Sam Carpenters thoughts on the

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Article: Marketing Automation Vs. Email Marketing

Marketing Automation Vs Email Marketing

As technology races ahead, the days of your daddy’s autoresponder have been left in the dust. Today, if you are like most digital marketers you’re probably asking yourself, “What’s better for my business, marketing automation vs. email marketing?” Ever since

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