What is a marketing funnel, and why should you care? Article Lead Image

What is a Marketing Funnel, And Why Should You Care?

If you’ve done any research at all into growing your small business you’ve likely heard that you need to be: “filling the top of your funnel” “focusing on the middle of the funnel” “tightening the bottom of your funnel” and

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5 powerful email list management tricks for small businesses

5 Powerful Email List Management Tricks For Small Business

As a small business you likely don’t have a full fledged marketing ops department handling your marketing communications and email list management. Nope! Most likely that lovely job falls on your shoulders, or if you’re lucky you’ve got a guy.

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Implementing Marketing Automation for Small Businesses

Marketing Automation For Small Business In 5 Easy Steps

Marketing Automation Has Huge Benefits For A Small Business Having grown up in a family full of small business owners, run several myself, and worked with many others I know there is one truth between them all: “Your business always

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10 requirements of a great marketing automation strategy article lead

10 Requirements Of A Great Marketing Automation Strategy

Ever wonder why some people’s lead nurturing campaigns seem to create money out of thin air, while others do absolutely nothing? Have you, or your team ever put together a follow up series you just knew was going to crush

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Article: 5 Lead Nurturing Best Practices From The Pros

5 Lead Nurturing Best Practices From The Pros

As with everything in life there is more than one way to do just about everything. That being said, it isn’t always a great idea to do so. A personal favorite example of this is Sam Carpenters thoughts on the

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Article: Marketing Automation Vs. Email Marketing

Marketing Automation Vs Email Marketing

As technology races ahead, the days of your daddy’s autoresponder have been left in the dust. Today, if you are like most digital marketers you’re probably asking yourself, “What’s better for my business, marketing automation vs. email marketing?” Ever since

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Article: 10 Marketing Automation Best Practices You Need To Follow

10 Marketing Automation Best Practices You Need To Follow

Why Are Marketing Automation Best Practices Important? Marketing automation is an incredibly powerful tool for any business. I’ve seen businesses literally double their profits with the flip of a switch by implementing marketing automation! The problem is putting your marketing

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